Thursday, December 30, 2010

Curry puffs aka Karipap

Currypuff or Karipap in Malay is an all time favourite tea time snack in my household. My mum makes thousands of these savory snacks fulfilling orders from neighbours, relatives for birthdays, weddings, or any occasions. 

So mum recruited my brother and I to prepare these treats, we were mostly in charge of sealing the dough with a special pinch and twist action so when these are deep fried in hot oil, the filling will not spill out.

I have recorded a short video on how its done, (see below) just to show you the basic principles of the pinch and twist method, with a bit of practice your "braided" edges will look neat and pretty :)



250 gm all purpose flour
40gm butter
2 Tbsp salad/cooking oil
1/2 cup cold water mixed with 1/2 tsp salt

300gm sweet potatoes (Peeled and diced)
1 tsp minced ginger
1 tsp minced garlic
2 tbsp kurma powder
1 large onion minced
coriander leaves (chopped)
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup water
Oil for deep frying


Pastry :

Heat oil and butter until butter is melted and pour mixture into the flour. Mix well until resembles bread crumbs. Pour in cold water and mix until dough is smooth. Roll into 16 round balls and set aside.

Heat some 2 tbsp oil and sautee onions, garlic and ginger for 3 minutes. Add the kurma powder and fry until another 2 minutes. Add diced sweet potatoes and stir to mix to coat the potatoes with the spices.

Add water and continue to stir until mixture is dry and the potatoes is cooked well. Add chopped coriander. Remove from heat and set aside to cool.

Sprinkle some flour to your rolling pin and board. Flatten the individual dough one at a time maintaining a round shape and add 1 tbsp of the cooled filling, Seal the edges. Now this would take some practice so here is the video of how this is done.

Once all the currypuff  is completed, place on a lined tray and bake in a preheated oven at 180 C for 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can deep fry these puffs in a pan of hot oil at 120 C for 3 minutes on each side.

Happy Trying!


  1. Looks good and I will try your recipe using the oven. The video didn't work from my end :(

  2. Good luck with trying it out :) Sorry abt the video not working out for you. Are you able to play any videos at all? This Video id formatted in AVI, most basic/common video format.

  3. Salam ziarah,

    Wah seronoknya pd usia 17thn dah bermula berjinak2 dlm bidang masakkan...moga2 menjadi chef yg terkenal suatu masa nanti.