Sunday, January 30, 2011

Masak Lemak Daging Salai (Grilled Rump Steak Poached in Coconut Milk)

Grilled Rump Steak (before slicing it thinly)

The Finished product (poached in Coconut Milk)

Ok I know, from where I come from, we poach everything from fish, crab, prawn, duck, chicken in Coconut Milk. So why not beef?
This is one of my all time favourite comfort food. The best part of this dish is the gravy...the turmeric, lemon grass and turmeric leaves lend it the aromatic flavour. The heat from the Chilies is balanced by the creamy coconut milk. 

800 gm piece of 1" thick rump steak (marinated in salt & turmeric powder)
1 stalk lemon grass
1 inch fresh turmeric
8 fresh bird's eye chillis
1 turmeric leaf ( chopped finely)
1 young mango flesh
2 pcs dried tamarind (asam gelugor)
500 ml coconut cream
1 cup water
1tsp salt
 A slice of lime.

Pre-heat grill and cook steak for 8 minutes on both sides. Set aside to cool for 10minutes. Sliced thinly once cooled.
Meanwhile pound chilies and fresh turmeric in mortar and pestle. Lightly bruise lemon grass. Add lemon grass, turmeric and chili paste into a pot. Saute over medium heat and add coconut milk and 1 cup water. 
Add mango flesh, chopped turmeric leaves and tamarind pieces. Make sure to keep stirring so the coconut does not curdle.

Add sliced beef and continue to stir for another 5minutes. Add salt to taste and add a slash of lime/lemon juice before serving. Best eaten with rice or freshly baked bread.


  1. Sodap tuu...masakan org nogori!!!!Tapi u tak guna bawang ye?

  2. mum tak pernah pakai bawang for her masak i pun ikut la.