Friday, March 27, 2015

Coconut Jam (Kaya)

My mother used to make everything from scratch, salted duck eggs, tempoyak (fermented durian), Chili Jeruk (pickled cili), pickled mangoes, serunding (beef floss)  and the list goes on. 

These days, its so much easier to buy something off the shelves and make do with the compromise in taste. If you were to make something from scratch, this breakfast favourite is a must have.

I have decided to keep up this tradition in our household because things taste way better home made!


4 egg yolks
50 g palm sugar (jaggery)
*40 g raw sugar (demerara or muscovado are good optios)

250 ml Kara Brand coconut milk or any brand coconut cream
2  pandan leaves washed & knotted

*Note: learn about the differences in sugars and their flavours here 


Chop up the palm sugar into finer pieces and add into a heavy based saucepan. I know some recipes actually uses the double boiler method but for me the simpler the cooking the better.

So add 200ml of the coconut milk into your saucepan, reserving the 50 ml to be mixed in with the egg yolks. 

Beat yolks and coconut milk until well blended and set aside.

Add pandan leaves into the mixture on the stove, keeping the heat low. Keep stirring until the mixture simmers and switch off the heat. Be careful if you are using a convection top, you may still have a strong residual heat so take it off the heat completely otherwise you will end up with scrambled eggs in coconut milk.
Pour the egg (with the 50 ml coconut milk) mix into your saucepan and keep stirring.

Stir for a good two minutes and then switch your heat back on to low heat. Stir for another 6-8 minutes and your mixture will turn into a custard like consistency, may have to keep stirring longer depending on the heat settings of your stove.

Serve on chargrilled toast and butter and feel those warm memories of your childhood comes rushing back :) Enjoy!!

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