Friday, September 17, 2010

Roast Chicken

Everyone loves a good roasted chicken....I know I do. Even the roasted chicken at Coles has tempted me more than one occasion..LOL! Which is motivation enough for me to try the multiple roasted chic recipe on the web..Last night was no exception..felt like a roasted bird dinner and lo and behold this one from Emeril Lagasse caught my eye for its simplicity and ease to prepare. I had to add my fave veg, the sweet potatoes as I noticed the baking time of 40 mins is the usual time I take to roast my sweet potatoes to perfection.

A tip for those who wish to try this recipe. Do leave the skin on the potatoes as it turned out the "naked" potatoes forms a crust which prevented the juices to be absorbed. Left the garlic cloves unpeeled too, but sliced on top. The flavours of the basil & lemon is a definite winner and as I didnt have any fresh rosemary, I just use my Masterfoods Tuscan spices which was sent to me compliments of Masterfoods (I received a box full of Masterfoods goodies from the folks at Mars food....thanks Glenn!)

Click the link as the title and you will be taken to the recipe at the Food Network website. This one is definitely a keeper! And BTW, I omitted the wine as I don't normally cook with alcohol. I didn't think it needed it anyway!

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