Saturday, August 21, 2010

My food inspiration

Besides my mum, Jamie Oliver has been an inspiration when it comes to food. It doesnt hurt that he has the cutest lisp (lol), but seriously Jamie makes a real effort to encourage healthy eating. I am very fortunate to have been raised on home cooked meals and I strive to do the same for my kids and hopefully the tradition continues with the future generation.

Food is central is our lives, as it brings families, old & new friends together. Food can heal or hurt if taken in oversized portions. Which is why I love Ramadhan, where Muslims observes fasting from dusk to dawn. It has been scientifically proven that there are many health benefits by observing fasts. I will not get into that as I am not a health expert.

There is only one thing that I try to remind myself is practice restraint at iftar (break fast) which I know a lot of us tend to do, especially with the hundreds of food stalls, and Ramadhan buffets in most Muslim countries.

Hope everyone is having a good Ramadhan and please eat in moderation to prevent waste. You can check out healthy recipes at

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